Producer Groups

Producer Day2

Producer Groups were first introduced as the foundation for building long term partnerships between selected beef and lamb producers, the company and strategic international customers. A testament to the success of these groups is the many long term partnerships that have developed as a result and the strong growth in membership of these groups.

The Producer Groups focus on:

Continuous improvement: Collectively, the Producer Groups achieve continuous improvement through recording best practices, business development projects, taste testing, benchmarking and collective learning. Producers also receive feedback from ANZCO and its customers, ensuring a strong market focus is maintained.

Communication: Through working together to understand each other’s strengths and challenges, individual Producer Groups can network and develop in this unique environment.

Customer Interaction: Members appreciate the chance to spend time with the customer and hear first hand what is happening in the market place and what flow on effect it is likely to have in New Zealand. Equally, producers are able to let the customer know what is influencing decisions made within the farm gate.

Critical to the success of the groups has been the Producer Group Committees, made up of a combination of producers and company personnel, which have been established to ensure producers are involved in decision making around developments of the Producer Group direction.

Our Producer Group programmes ensure best practice in animal welfare, environmental sustainability and food safety with full traceability. 

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