ANZCO Foods (formally CMP & Riverlands) have Livestock Representatives throughout New Zealand. Our greatest strength is our people and our knowledgeable livestock teams are available to guide you in all aspects of the supply chain.

Why choose us?

  • Customer Specific Contracts: We have operated customer specific contracts for a number of years and the result has been a win/win for all parties. For this reason contracts remain a fundamental part of our business and will continue to do so in the future.
  • Livestock Schedules: Where a contract commitment may not suit your particular farming system, we offer weekly base schedule pricing.
  • Producer Groups: We have a number of producer groups which our producers can be a part of. For more information about these click here.
  • Lamb Payment Security: Unique to ANZCO, the lamb payment security scheme provides producers the option of securing payment for lambs.
  • Store Stock Network: Regional placement of Livestock Representatives allows networking within our producer base, and ensures all lambs and cattle sourced are best suited to meet our customers and producer requirements.
  • Grazing Options: Grazing options available to our producers, contact your local livestock rep if this is of interest.
  • Finance Options: Finance is available for selected programmes and has proven popular with a steady growth in demand over recent times. 
  • Transport: A Transport Coordinator has been employed to assist with the transportation of livestock. Their focus is to streamline systems and improve efficiencies through better utilisation of trucks, back-loading where possible and eliminating empty running.