Our Animal Welfare Policy

ANZCO strives for excellence in animal welfare and will always adhere to the principals of “One ANZCO” and the ANZCO house:

  • Do what’s right
  • Make the most of every animal we handle
  • Work closely with communities, minimise environmental impact and handle animals with care.

All animals while in ANZCO’s care and or sourced by ANZCO will be treated with care and respect in accordance with animal welfare regulations, and codes of practice, and have their five freedoms maintained at all times:

  • Proper and sufficient food and water
  • Adequate shelter
  • Opportunity to display normal behavior
  • Physical handling that minimises pain or distress
  • Protection from or rapid diagnosis and treatment of injury and disease

ANZCO will proactively work with all key stakeholders, including but not limited to farmers, transporter operators, livestock agents, the Ministry for Primary Industries, Beef + Lamb NZ, Dairy NZ, the New Zealand Meat Industry Association and key customers to implement and maintain agreed animal welfare outcomes.

ANZCO has in place an animal welfare committee that is tasked with:

  • Overseeing animal welfare policies and procedures.
  • Animal welfare strategy, foresight and risk management procedure development.
  • Regular reviews of all relevant requirements and the ongoing aspirational development and implementation of animal welfare policy and strategy for ANZCO.

All ANZCO slaughtering sites will maintain risk management programmes that will facilitate the best possible animal welfare outcomes.

ANZCO will ensure that all slaughtering sites have trained and certified animal welfare officers in place.

Animal welfare outcomes along the entire ANZCO supply chain will be closely monitored and a proactive approach taken to any issues that may arise.


pdfDownload ANZCO's Animal Welfare Policy here